Floating Breakwater

Floating Breakwater Systems

Floating breakwater usually consists of a line of individual floating dock system elements connected by cables or other devices.

These connections are subject to continuous movement, possibly resulting in fatigue damage and failure of the connections. Metal components of a breakwater system are subject to corrosion. The detection technologies that comprise the waterside breakwater system are also subject to the harshness of weather which can affect performance.

All floating breakwater mooring components, either in use or in storage, must be periodically inspected to determine their current material condition and their future maintenance requirements. The importance of these inspections cannot be overemphasized because the effectiveness of any maintenance program will always depend on how often and how well these checks and services are performed. Inspection plans, therefore, should take into consideration the critical elements of frequency of inspections and the thoroughness, completeness, and quality of work.


Floating Breakwater